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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is taking general dentistry a step further. Cosmetic Dentistry adds a dimension of art. Some teeth are long, short, round, square, tapered, and multi colored. Porcelain and resin materials have advanced to the point of being beautiful, but also durable and functional. Special training is needed to use these materials properly on the individual patient because no smile or tooth is exactly the same.

Before any cosmetic procedure, Dr. Moser likes to use a process called smile design. A smile design is a consultation appointment where the patient is given options¬†for choosing their smile, while being guided by Dr. Moser’s knowledge and experience.¬†It is critical for the patient and Dr. Moser to communicate their understanding and expectations to one another for ultimate success. Dr. Moser takes several things into consideration for the ultimate success of the case. For example, age, facial shape, and the amount of gum tissue shown while smiling. All factors going into final design of the teeth will be agreed upon by both the patient and Dr. Moser to ensure desired results.

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