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What can you do to limit my dental anxiety?
Our office offers, oral sedation as well as nitrous oxide. We also have tv’s in every operatory which has our patient education system called GURU as well as┬ácable channels and headphones to help you relax.

What should pregnant women know before a dental appointment?
Pregnant women are encouraged to eat healthier, stop smoking and improve their oral care. During pregnancy there is a link between gum disease and premature birth weight. Early identification of oral health problems helps reduce the risk of premature labor. Regular checkups and good oral hygiene is key.

What precautions does the practice take to provide patient safety?
Our sterilization techniques are applied strictly by all OSHA standards.

What are the benefits of dental implants?
Dental implants never decay, never require root canals and preserve the jaw bone.

What different payment options do you provide?
If you have dental insurance we maximize your benefits. If there is a remaining balance, we accept cash, check, and most credit cards. Our office also offers financial assistance through CareCredit if long term dental care is needed.

Do I really need to floss every day?
Yes. Brushing and rinsing cleans about 75-80% of your teeth. The remaining 20-25% is where big problems develop. Our office can show you the benefits and the easiest techniques to improve your flossing.

Is there an easy way to whiten my teeth?
Bleaching is a very popular procedure and is very easy and effective. We make bleaching trays for each patient and give bleaching gel to take home so that you can bleach on your time at your pace.

Do you accept referrals?
We are always accepting new patients and are appreciative of your confidence in our office.

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